Sunday School

Sunday School Classes and Teachers

Sunday School Time: 9:45 A.M.     

Nursery: Susan Scott & Marsha       New Believers: Mike Reagan

Pre-K – 1st: Meranda Ellis                  Adults: Max Thornsberry

2nd – 4th: Robin Reagan                    Adults: Tom Reagan

5th – 6th: John Smith                           Adults: Lavan & Becki Ruggles

7th – 12th: Thomas & Couri                Prime Timers: Diz & Carolyn 

New Members: Chuck & Mary Baker

 Sunday School Description 

Introduction to Cornerstone: This class is led by Pastor Chuck and his wife Mary. It covers the basic beliefs, core values, vision and mission of CBC. An exploration of spiritual gifts with an inventory to help you discover your gift(s) is included.

New Believer’s Class with Mike Reagan: This class is designed for new Christians but is great for anyone desiring to learn more about the basics of the Christian life. Topics include: Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who is the Holy Spirit? Prayer. God’s will. What is heaven? What is hell?

Adult SS class with Tom Reagan: Various books of the Bible are explored with an emphasis on encouraging the serious study of the Bible as God’s inerrant word and biblical discipleship.

Adult SS class with Max Thornsberry: Bible study from the King James Version with life lessons that tackle real life issues with the timeless truth of God’s inerrant Word.

Adult SS class with Lavan & Becki Ruggles: This Sunday school class is called “Leaving 99” and is built to share in love and fellowship as adults of all ages study God’s word, share prayer request, and grow together in Christ.

Prime Timers Class with Dizzy Carver: Bible-in-Life lessons focusing on four basic goals (connect, teach, apply, and motivate) to communicate the gospel with life-changing clarity. This class originally began as a senior adult class, but now has adult participants of various ages.


“Our mission is to love Jesus first and lead others to love Him.”